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Customer service in English: 214-390-5252 / Vietnamese: 469-777-1866
English: 214-390-5252 / Vietnamese: 469-777-1866

Spa Chairs For Sale By Osaki SPA

JP-Nexus 4D - Made in Japan

Ghế JP Nexus 4D được thiết kế thích hợp cho khách hàng Châu Á và sản xuất hoàn toàn tại Nhật.


Osaki Spa – Premium Salon Equipment & Products Provider in the States.

Welcome to Osaki Spa, your one-stop shop for all things salons. We are the premier provider of top-notch equipment and products, dedicated to helping nail salons across the United States thrive. 

Branched out from the well-revered and trusted Osaki family – the leading massage chair distributor in the States, Osaki Spa brings decades of professionalism, expertise, and experience to the nail care business.

From plush spa chairs that melt away stress to efficient spa massage chairs that keep clients happy, we have everything you need to create a luxurious and functional salon experience. Partner with Osaki Spa and
create a pampering environment for your clients.

Browse Spa Chair, Base, Massage Chair, Nail Dryer, & More.

Browse Spa Chair, Base, Massage Chair, Nail Dryer, & More.

No matter your salon’s size or style, we have the perfect equipment to elevate your space. Browse our diverse selection of:

Spa Chairs – Let your customer sink into a world of relaxation with our premium spa chairs. These beauties are the ultimate in client comfort, featuring plush cushioning, soothing heat, and invigorating massage options.

Bases – Find sturdy and stylish bases to complement your spa chairs and create a cohesive look. Choose from stainless steel, wood, or fiberglass options to match your salon’s decor."

Massage Chairs – Offer your clients the ultimate pampering experience with our selection of massage chairs. With advanced features like full-body rollers, heat therapy, and zero-gravity reclining, these chairs will leave clients feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Nail Dryers Keep your clients’ nails looking flawless with our efficient and innovative nail dryers. We offer various options, from high to low, ensuring a perfect drying every time.

And more! Whether you are looking for a plush spa chair or a dedicated polish and powder rack, feel free to browse our range of equipment and products and find the perfect match for your nail salon.

Have Questions? Get in Touch Today.

Our dedicated team is always here to help you find the perfect products for your salon needs and budget. We often put up discounts for our range, so if you are looking for a spa chair for sale, browse today. Lastly, if you have questions or queries, contact us today. Let’s turn your salon dreams into reality!