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Visit Our Showroom - 1001 W Crosby Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006 | 214-390-5252 (Engligh), 469-777-1866 (Tiếng Việt)
Visit Our Showroom - 1001 W Crosby Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006 | 214-390-5252 (Engligh), 469-777-1866 (Tiếng Việt)

Osaki Sonno XT-1 GravZero Recliner

by Osaki
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Current price $2,999.00
Color: Black
Sonno XT-1
The Sonno XT-1 includes an abundance of luxurious attributes, such as a remote controller, air massage, heating and soothing GravZero reclining. Take some time off from your long day. Your opulent respite starts here.
GravZero Reclining
Rest in a state of complete buoyancy with Sonno XT-1's GravZero Reclining. This NASA-inspired technology perfectly positions your posture. Help your posture realign and bask in relief. With Sonno XT-1's Recline Technology, the chair can recline at any desired angle with a maximum recline angle of up to 40° Achieve an ideal recline even in the smallest of spaces.
Intelligent Voice Control
Fight everyday stress with Sonno XT-1's heat therapy. Sonno XT-1's includes targeted heat along the lower back. The heat can be adjusted on the remote to the perfect massage level.
Intelligent Voice Control
3 Cell
Full Spinal
Air Massage
The Sonno XT-1 incorporates 3 air cells throughout the chair to provide an precise compression therapy for all your needs. Air massage targets the back to the lower seat region. These air cells relieve pressure from a tired back after a b ig day of activity.
Intelligent Voice Control
Intelligent Voice Control
Solid Luxurious
Wood Material
Solid wood panels are crafted for the base of the chair. The wood material creates a structural and strong support for a deluxe massage experience.

Sonno XT-1 can be finished in either Black or Brown.
Brown PU
Black PU
Intelligent Voice Control
Soft Comfortable
Memory Foam
Soft memory foam that you body can feel supported by after a long day. The memory foam contours to fit your body for the ultimate relaxing massage.
Intelligent Voice Control
Steel Base
Strong and supportive steel base maintains its shape. The provides everlasting sturdiness that will glide smoothly between positions.
Intelligent Voice Control
Intelligent Voice Control
You can acclimate the massage to your preferences using the remote controller. The massage chair provides 11 various heat and air massage with many ways to combine modes. Create the ultimate and accurate massage tailored just for you!
Various Heat
and Air Massage
Memory Positions
Ways to Change Massage Position
Wake Up Timer
Automatic Massage Modes
Automatic Timer
Intelligent Voice Control
Two Memory
These two memory recall your favorite massage combination at a touch of a button. Simply hold down either memory button to meorize the current setting and next session it will be available for use.
Intelligent Voice Control
The movable headrest tailors to the head for that perfect spot. It provides great flexibility for all your cozy needs.
Intelligent Voice Control
The comfortable pillow aids in optimizing the best massage for all head positions. The pillow can also be adjusted and tailored to every need.
Intelligent Voice Control
Product Name
Osaki Sonno XT-1 GravZero Recliner
Power Supply
110~120V AC
Rate Frequency
60 Hz
Power Consumption
Auto Timer
15 minutes
(W x L x H)
29.3" x 37" x 42.1"
29.3" x 55" x 32.7"
(W x L x H)
Approx. 110.4 lbs
Approx. 134.9 lbs
Usage Condition
(W x L x H)
Environment Temperature
Contrasting Humidity
Storage Condition
(W x L x H)
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
Safety Feature
Equipped with overheating and power surge sensors
Maximum Body Weight of User
270 lbs
Minimum Doorway Size
29.3 inches
Max Torres
The chair is super comfortable. It’s like sitting on a cloud! The memory foam provides a ton of support to my body. The foam holds its shape well over time. It’s honestly easy to fall asleep in this chair.
Suzanne Li
My husband greatly enjoys this chair. His favorite part is the lumbar heating. This recliner helps my husband with his persistent back pain. The heating helps his pain basically go away with daily use.
Rosalie Kirby
My leisure time has vastly improved. When I rest in this chair, my joint and muscle pain simply goes away. It is literally my happy place. The chair is relaxing and helps me find relaxation.
Dean Baxter
I enjoy this recliner a lot. I am so thankful for the adjustable pillow. It helps me find the perfect spot for my head. Sometimes I even remove the pillow and it’s still extremely pleasant to use.
Eliza Mack
The GravZero is my most favored feature. I love how it can adjust to my every need. I love the backrest and legrest adjustably on the remote. It is easy to use and contours to my body perfectly.